How You Know It’s Time for a New Website

Before you allocate your digital marketing budget this year it’s important to consider where the funds need to go. One area that is often overlooked as something that is ‘set and forget’ is your website. Just because you had your company’s website built 5 years ago does not mean your job is done. So we have put together a bit of a Website Health Check for your brand. If you say ‘Yes!’ to any of the following five points, it’s time to think about improving your existing site or getting a new website.

Number One: You cringe every time someone starts to say ‘I’ve just been on your website and…’

If you dread the ending of this sentence then there is a reason for it. Whether you’re anticipating another bug, some responsive issue or a comment on how they couldn’t navigate their way around your website this phrase made you nervous. You certainly weren’t expecting a compliment. Your website is your home. You should be proud of your home, instead of wanting to close the front door.

Number Two: You don’t have a blog.

This one is a pretty easy fix. If you do have a blog, look at the date of when your last one was published. If it was more than a month ago, it’s time to get writing. However, customers don’t just settle for blogs anymore. You have to go further. Your entire website has to be the definition of free and valuable information. Think E­books, Digital Guides and Free Digital Asset Giveaways. Load your customers up with valuable information so when it comes time for them to make a purchase, they will know where to go.

Number Three: You don’t know if it’s mobile responsive or not.

Is your website over 5 years old? Is your website custom made? If so, then there is a decent chance that your website is not responsive. This means when potential customers go to your website on their mobile or tablet, the page doesn’t format properly and is next to impossible to use. The number of people looking at websites on their mobile devices is now over 50%. If your website isn’t mobile responsive it means at least 50% of your audience are probably having a hard time viewing your site. People will not settle for less. No excuses anymore, it’s time to upgrade.

Number Four: Do you find yourself asking ‘Do we have a contact form on our website or has no one filled it out?’ since I started here a year ago?

Firstly, if you’ve been with the company that long I’d like to hope you’ve seen the website. The point is if you’re not getting enquiries on your website there is a reason for it. Firstly, check which email account has been set up to receive the forms. Next, work out how to get to the form. Did it take you more than two clicks? The contact form has to be easy to find and easy to fill out. It can’t get more simple than that.

Number Five: If you hid your logo and tagline would you be able to tell what your business does from the home screen?

If your website does not represent your brand accurately there is a problem. Your website should convey what you do without visitors relying on your logo, tagline and headline copy. It should have a feel and look about it. Also, if you have a stack of cheesy stock photos on your website please remove them.

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions you need to do something about it. Your website says a lot about not only your brand but the way you conduct business. A website that is not maintained reflects poorly on your business. Money should not be the primary reason you’ve let your website go. There are plenty of low cost ways to improve your website and a host of small changes you can make immediately that will make a big difference to the overall user experience of your site.

If you like the idea of improving your website but are afraid of the costs, get in contact with us right now. You’ll be surprised at just how affordable it is to get your website up to scratch.

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