Here’s a great new way to connect with someone on LinkedIn

Forget about collecting piles of business cards. You can now instantly add a new connection you meet at an event with this cool new function on LinkedIn. Here’s a quick video that shows you how to use it.  

Savvy marketing: how to use influencers to promote your business

Who doesn’t love a recommendation from a person they admire? When Kylie Jenner posted a photo and endorsed the Fashion Nova clothing she was wearing, that single Instagram post received over 3 million likes! Now of course, most small businesses are unlikely to ever engage the services of a mega-celebrity, but using influential people to help promote […]

Make your first impression count

Did you know that it takes only seconds for people to form an impression of you? That’s right. Seconds. In our digital-driven world, the first impressions people are likely to form about you will happen online via your LinkedIn profile photo, website bio, Instagram pic or Facebook page. So it’s important your online presence expresses […]